Torfaen Access Forum campaigns for Access for All

woman in wheelchair getting off busTorfaen Access Forum (TAF) met on 26 May to discuss a range of issues including access to local places, polling stations, exercise programmes and political representation.

The action group brought together disabled people, carers, charities, and council members to discuss ways to improve the opportunities and experiences of disabled people living in Torfaen.

TAF discussed how the social model of disability should be taught in schools and ways to support Disability Wales’ Manifesto, which calls for disability awareness training to be included in the National Curriculum.

Many physical barriers that prevent disabled people from accessing their community were raised, along with ideas to solve them. Simple and affordable things like dropped curbs, ramps, wider kissing gates, smooth pathways wide enough for wheelchairs, seating areas and hazard warning signs can open-up places.

TAF discussed plans to ask people to submit photos of physical barriers in their local area, via social media. TAF could then build a photo archive of barriers to be submitted to Torfaen County Borough Council.

Participants also discussed the lack of diversity within the Welsh Government and local authorities and the barriers faced by disabled people. TAF plans to raise awareness of funding from Welsh Government to help disabled people stand for election as an assembly member or local candidate.

Following a successful pilot scheme, the Active Gwent inclusive fitness programme designed for disabled people will be rolled out in June. It aims to identify the reasons that make it hard for disabled people to take part in regular exercise and provide practical solutions. It will provide a series of virtual physical activity sessions led by an instructor and talks on nutrition.

If you are interested in joining TAF or would like to find out more about opportunities for disabled people in Torfaen, please email





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