Access audits

What is an access audit?

We offer several different kinds of audits. These include:

  • Walk and talk audits: We’ll help you walk in the tracks of a disabled person. One of our auditors will walk with you around your building. The auditor will help you understand the access issues that might prevent disabled people from using your facility. We won’t compile a formal report for this type of audit but will note the key points in a short letter.
  • Access guidance: This will help you target key issues and assess your building against certain access criteria contained on a tick list. We report against the tick list, giving key comments and general advice on access issues.
  • Drawing assessments: We consider access issues on the basis of drawings alone. It is typically used as part of the design process when buildings are first constructed or renovations are planned. The findings will be contained in a short report.
  • Audits of external environments: We carry out audits of town centres, countryside paths, cemeteries, building access routes etc. The nature of the report is dependent on the nature of the commission.
  • Full access audits – These audits use the British Standard BS8300 to compare your buildings against best practice. A comprehensive report is prepared which features photographs. An executive summary brings together the report’s action points.

What is our experience of disability equality strategies?

With the introduction of the disability equality duty, the Disability Advice Project held a conference to ensure local authorities and other public bodies understood what was required of them. We have also helped school governors prepare Disability Equality Strategies. Those reviewed by Estyn have been awarded the highest grade for compliance.

What is our experience of access statements and planning?

  • We regularly comment on planning applications submitted to local authorities.
  • We make presentations to planners, building control officers and agents associated with local authorities.
  • We work with access groups throughout the country to promote the needs of disabled people.
  • We work with senior officials, Assembly Members and Ministers of the Welsh Government.

Our Access work is managed by:

Tony Crowhurst B.Sc. (Mathematics), DBA. Cert Dip AF, MRICS. Tony was a Chartered Surveyor and has more than 35 years of experience in the building industry. He has worked with and for disabled people for many years both as customer and client.

For further details or to contact Tony please click here.

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