Tai Pawb’s Conference Explores Housing Crisis

Tony presenting at conference. Stood in front of large screen

Disability Advice Project, Chair of Trustees, Tony Crowhurst, joined Tai Pawb’s annual conference, More in Common, on 28 March, to lead a workshop exploring ways to break down the housing barriers facing people with disabilities.

Tony shared concerns about the housing crisis in Wales. He explained: “The workshop highlighted the biggest challenges in housing. Supply of homes does not meet demand and disabled people face additional barriers to find accessible accommodation. The housing sector needs to respond urgently to enable our most vulnerable people to live independent lives in the safety of their own homes.”

Speakers included:

Jane Hutt MS, Minister for Social Justice (who joined digitally). Jamie Burton, KC of Doughty Street Chambers (and co-founder of Just Fair), who discussed movements to make housing a human right. Professor Laura McAllister, who spoke about her support of social justice, human rights and the formation of public policy in Wales.

Back the Bill – the right to a good home in Wales

Tai Pawb believe that at the core of any solution to the housing crisis is a national commitment to the fundamental principle that every one of us should have a human right – underpinned by law – to access adequate and sustainable housing. It is calling for a Draft Bill incorporating the Right to Adequate Housing into Welsh law. To show your support visit: https://www.taipawb.org/policy-influencing/backthebill/

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