It’s not too late to stop cuts to Universal Credit that will see working families lose out.

Child poverty action group

Next week the Chancellor has a chance to make life a little bit easier for thousands of struggling families around the country.

The roll out of Universal Credit was said to have the potential to make life much easier for families, and even to reduce poverty. But due to deep cuts made in the 2015 Summer Budget, Universal Credit in its current form will create poverty, not reduce it.

One big change the Chancellor could make would be to drop the tax on work imposed by cuts to the ‘work allowance’, the rules that set how much parents can earn through work before their benefits start to be withdrawn.

There’s not much time – the Chancellor will announce his spending plans next week. But pressure is already growing from all quarters. Now is the time to add your voice.

Will you help us by emailing your MP, asking them to call on the Chancellor to drop the tax on work?

Take action now (it only takes a minute and it will make a big difference to families).

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