Disability Advice Project Summer Celebration

Our Summer Celebration at Ty Glas y Dorlan, on Thursday 11 August, brought volunteers, staff, trustees and supporters together to share Disability Advice Project’s successes this year.

Due to COVID 19, opportunities for face-to-face celebrations have been limited, so we were very grateful for use of the spacious and accessible Swan room at the Ty Glas y Dorlan wellbeing hub.

We had lots of fun playing bingo, cards and quizzes, with summer-themed prizes. We also took the opportunity to listen to our team members’ experiences of disability, long-term illness and caring, during a buffet lunch.

Jayne Salkeld, Joint Project Manager at Disability Advice Project, said: “It was wonderful to come together and take a break from our regular routines and show how much we value everyone’s contribution. These celebrations are great for wellbeing and provide an opportunity to gain feedback on our services and how we deliver information and advice.”

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