DAP gets funding From Awards for All

The Disability Advice Project was thrilled to have been awarded funding to continue the training and development of their volunteer Welfare Benefits Caseworker team.

This funding will ensure DAP can continue to support disabled people, their families and carers will all of their benefits problems, from form filling to representation at Department of Works and Pensions Tribunals.

Demand has continued to grow as the Welfare Benefits system goes through Government changes.  DAP sees on a daily basis the difference it makes to people’s lives and how much the people we support appreciate the help and support they receive.  One client said “Thanks to you we won our case. It would never have happened without you and your team!”

So thank you Big Lottery for enabling DAP to continue the vital service it provides to people in need.

If you’d like to know more about the work we do visit our website: www.dapwales.org.uk

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