Cwmbran town centre public transport improvements

photos of Cwmbran bus station and train station. A wet grey day

What public transport improvements would you like at Cwmbran town centre? 

Disability Advice Project (DAP) is participating in a Capita consultation concerning the redevelopment of Cwmbran’s bus and train stations. Let us know if you have any ideas or thoughts on:

  • How best to improve the existing pedestrian routes between the railway station and town
  • Re-siting the bus station
  • Alterations to Glyndwr Road
  • Splitting the bus station into 2, one on either side of town

The provision of inclusive, high quality and joined-up public transport facilities is crucial. We are primarily concerned with the safety of disabled people, whichever solution is finally adopted. We pointed out that the existing routes shown on the plans did not include the alternative route that has to be used by disabled people when accessing the railway platform for south bound trains. We highlighted safety issues when crossing the feeder roads into Morrisons. We also asked that access for disabled people should require a minimum number of road crossing points. Such points must also be controlled by pedestrian lights.

This is Stage 2 of the total consultation and review process. As a result of this consultation, Capita will make proposals regarding the most appropriate way of developing the pedestrian links and locations of future bus station development during 2022.

Please email any comments and suggestions to

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