Have you a problem with your benefits?

  • If you lose part or all of your benefit(s), or have a claim rejected then we can help. Our Information Support Assistant can provide solutions and answers to many of your questions over the phone. If you need to come in and see a caseworker, an appointment will be made for you.

At the appointment we will:

  • Explain your options so you understand your choices and make informed decisions
  • Assist in requesting a Mandatory Reconsideration to start the appeal process
  • Assist in gathering any supporting evidence, including medical evidence to assist with your Mandatory Reconsideration
  • Assist you in completing a SSCS1 form if your Mandatory Reconsideration is not successful. The SSCS1 is required to appeal direct to the Courts and Tribunals Service
  • Help to assess all your evidence and further information required

Before the Tribunal we will usually meet to ensure you are fully prepared and alleviate any concerns you may have. If required, we can accompany you to your Tribunal, however this is not necessary in every case

The Tribunal – what happens?

  • You MUST attend your Tribunal to have any chance of being successful. We understand this can be a challenge for some people, especially those with mobility and or mental health issues
  • If you need a caseworker at your Tribunal, then we will do our best to be there to support you
  • The Tribunal will hear your case and determine at what rate the benefit must be paid, and if the claim is to be backdated
  • The Tribunal issues instructions to the DWP

What happens if I don’t win at Tribunal?

  • You can accept the decision of the Tribunal
  • You may take the case to the Upper Tier Tribunal. This is rare and our caseworkers will offer advice on the best way forward
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