Free representation

Tribunals Service.

  • Help to assess all your evidence and further information.
  • Before the Tribunal we will usually meet to ensure you are fully prepared and alleviate any concerns you may have.
  • If required, we can accompany you to your Tribunal, however this is not necessary in every case.

The Tribunal – What happens?

  • You MUST attend your Tribunal to have any chance of being successful. We understand this can be a challenge for some people, especially those with mobility and or mental health issues.
  • If you need a caseworker at your Tribunal, then we will do our best to be there to support you.
  • The Tribunal will hear your case and determine at what rate the benefit must be paid, and if the claim is to be backdated.
  • The Tribunal issues instructions to the DWP.

What happens if I don’t win at Tribunal?

  • You can accept the decision of the Tribunal.
  • You may take the case to Upper Tier Tribunal. This is rare and our caseworkers will offer advice on the best way forward.